3 Reasons Why Real Estate Isn’t A Do It Yourself Kind Of Thing

For Sale. Help Wanted.We live in a very Do-It-Yourself era.

YouTube has become the four-year higher learning institution substitution we all turn to when we want to forego formal training, and in some cases common sense, to save a couple of bucks.  How many people do you know that have ruined their lawn with do-it-yourself landscaping techniques or shorted out their home’s electrical circuits because they watched a YouTube video that convinced them they could fix something on their own.  Real Estate is no different.

Nowadays you see “For sale by owner” signs all over the Buckeye state.  You just have a feeling that things might not go smoothly with that transaction, and in most cases, you are right.  Picking a real estate agent is a tough decision,but if you are thinking about picking your self, here are three compelling reasons that might make you reconsider that logic:

1.  You probably know just enough to be dangerous, but not enough to be effective.

An experienced agent knows the market, not just information they perused online.  They know what agents typically work with the people that might buy your home.  They know the value of homes in your neighborhood.  They have a filter that separates emotional attachment from tangible value.  They take all the YouTube videos you watched and ad real world expertise and working knowledge of the system and put them to work for your advantage.

2.  A  good realtor has been here before.

Beyond “don’t take the first offer”, what kind of buying and selling negotiation skills do you have?  Negotiating a real estate sale is far different from any other type of negotiation, include talking down a used car salesman $100 on a 1988 Oldsmobile.  It requires a tact that can only be acquired through years of practice and training.

3. You’re could inadvertently create problems; agents are here to eliminate them.

No matter how hard you try, when you sell your home on your own you are probably setting up more obstacles than clearing them out.  An agent’s number one job is to reduce the distractions and obstacles that build up along the way.  A good real estate agent is also a good spin doctor- able to take negative news and make it positive.  They are skilled at making mountains back into molehills and not letting negative occurrences stall or stymie the sales process.

Trust us, at O’Reilly Team we’ve gotten many calls from Northeast Ohio homeowners who thought they could move their property without professional assistance.  In most cases, we can step in and start damage control in time to salvage the sale.  When you are ready to sell your home for the most money you can get it on the market- call Dan and O’Reilly Team to help you sell your Ohio home.