4 Musts-Dos Before You Put Your Home on the Market

OreillyTeam-CircleMasterFile8-Nov15Putting your Geauga County home up for sale can be such an exciting time.  Thinking about where you and your family may want to live and the new life that you want to start is probably all that you can think about!  Before you put your home on the market, check out these home sale tips – the four musts before you put the for sale sign in your yard:

  1. Have a plan for your future. So many people decide to put their home on the market without considering where they might go or what they might want.  Take the time to visit some open houses so that if you do get a quick sale, you will at least have a basic idea what you want in a new home.
  1. Put some of your stuff in boxes. Getting a quick home sale can happen if you show off your home to its best advantage.  One way to do that is to put a bunch of your stuff in storage.  If you have decorative items, a lot of furniture or a basement that is filled, then box those items up and put them in a storage unit.  Clearing out your home will not only give you a head start on packing, but it will give prospective buyers a better feel for the overall space in your home.
  1. Take down your family pictures. Sounds like crazy advice, right?  Expert real estate agents say that taking down your family pictures is important so that prospective buyers can see themselves living in your home.  Removing these pictures makes it a neutral site.
  1. Upgrade your entry. Your entry is the first impression of your home.  Adding flowers, a wreath, a new doormat and even a coat of paint can make a world of difference in how your home is perceived.

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