Attract Buyers During the Winter with this Advice

While many may not think of winter in Northeast Ohio as a prime time for home sales, the reality is that many properties come on and off the market during the winter season. If you are one of those sellers with your home on the market this winter, you may feel discouraged by inclement weather or cold temperatures. However, there are many things you can do to enhance your home and attract buyers.

  1. Most important, keep snow and ice cleared to the best of your ability. This means the driveway and walkway should be regularly shoveled and salted. Pay particular attention to your front entryway where any Realtors or prospective buyers will be entering and exiting your home, and be sure to clear these areas again right before a home showing or open house.
  2. OreillyTeam-CircleMasterFile7-Nov15Set up a designated space for wet shoes, coats, and other winter gear. For example, you may lay a mat or boot rack in your entryway for shoes. Set out a coat hanger for coats and a basket for any gloves or hats. This will allow buyers to better tour your home, without being weighed down by heavy winter coats and accessories.
  3. Keep your home well-lit. When the weather outside is dark and gloomy, your home should evoke warmth and light. A well-lit, bright home will be more appealing to buyers, while also illuminate your home’s interior and help buyers see spaces clearly. Open curtains and add lamps in any dark corners or other areas that are dimly lit.
  4. Decorate with neutral winter items. When your home is for sale, you do not want to overwhelm your home’s exterior with decorations. However, simple and subtle elements of décor can be a nice touch. For example, you can hang a winter wreath on your front door, or add battery-operated candles to front-facing windows. These help add to your home’s curb appeal.

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