Avoid These “Don’ts” for Home Showings

Home AuctionHome showings are an extremely important step in the selling process. It is during a home showing that a buyer is likely to form a lasting first impression of your property—and you want that impression to be positive. It is normal to be nervous, but if you prepare, your home showings should be successful. For starters, you can avoid these definite don’ts for home showings:

  • Don’t overdo the fragrances. Many people have an aversion to strong scents, and that seasonal candle you are burning might turn them off immediately. Keep scents very light and neutral. Avoid strong perfumes, potpourri or candles.
  • Don’t leave out your laundry. Whether it is stacks of clean, folded laundry or overflowing baskets and hampers, it does not matter—put all laundry away before your home showing. You want your prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in your home, not distracted by seeing another family’s laundry.
  • Don’t stuff your closets. It might be tempting to quickly gather any loose clothing or other items and stuff them into your closets before a showing. However, most prospective buyers will be very curious about seeing the space in your home’s closets. Just expect that buyers will open those closet doors to take a peek. If the closet is overflowing, they will not get a good look at the space and the closet can seem much smaller than it actually is.
  • Don’t neglect your yardwork. The first part of your home that prospective buyers will see is the exterior. If they see broken gutters, overgrown grass, untrimmed shrubs, or flowerbeds full of dead or decaying plants, they will not have much confidence that the home has been properly maintained. Make sure your home’s landscaping is well taken care of and makes a positive first impression, which will signal to buyers that your home has been maintained.

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