Cozy Winter Home Decorating Ideas

OreillyTeam-CircleMasterFile7-Nov15We spend so much time indoors during the winter that sometimes we need new, different decorating ideas to brighten and reinvigorate our space and make it more comfortable and cozy for the winter season. If you are bored or tired of your home décor, you might be inspired by these ideas for winter home decorating:

  • Find ways to add color. With the dreary gray winter landscape outside, you will appreciate a colorful, bright interior. You can add color and comfort by swapping in throw pillows in bold shades and setting out cozy blankets in vibrant colors. You might also consider buying several vases and adding new flowers every week from your local grocery or marketplace.
  • Maximize natural light. Simply opening up your draperies or curtains to let in the light can make a big difference during the winter. Mirrors can also be strategically placed to reflect the natural light that does come in, as well as give you the illusion of more space.
  • Make your bedroom a luxurious retreat. There is nothing better than a warm, cozy bed when the weather turns cold. This winter, layer your bed with blankets, bedding, and throw pillows in complementing shades to create a luxurious look and feel in your bedroom.
  • Focus on the hearth. If you use your fireplace often during the winter, consider rearranging furniture in the room to create a gathering space around the fireplace. In the winter months, as the snow is falling outdoors, you will enjoy a living space focused on the hearth.

We hope you enjoy these ideas. If you are in need of expert real estate advice or assistance, contact the professionals at O’Reilly Team!