Easy Ways to Brighten Your Home

OreillyTeam-CircleMasterFile7-Nov15If you are selling your home, one attribute that you should take note of is whether your home might appear too dark to prospective buyers. Buyers, especially those searching for a new home in the winter months, will be more attracted to a warm, well-lit home than a home that seems especially dark and dreary. Here are a few suggestions for how you can lighten and brighten your home:

  • Add reflective surfaces. The easiest way to brighten a room is to hang a mirror—not only does a mirror reflect light, but it can make a room appear bigger than it is. That is a double bonus when you are trying to appeal to prospective buyers. An alternative to a mirror could be a glass lighting fixture.
  • Move furniture. Is a sofa or hutch or other piece of furniture blocking the light from your windows? If possible, rearrange furniture to avoid obstructing your windows. Not only will prospective buyers appreciate the opportunity to check out the view, the extra light will reinvigorate the space.
  • Evaluate your window treatments. It is possible that you are stifling any existing natural light from entering a room with heavy, dark curtains or draperies. Consider opening windows to allow the light inside your home.
  • Consider a new coat of paint. Keep in mind that light, neutral paint colors will reflect natural light, unlike dark colors which absorb light. Neutral colors will also appeal to the widest number of buyers.
  • Add lighting fixtures. This may seem obvious, but if there is no easy brightening solution for a space, such as a room without windows, add light by bringing in table lamps or floor lamps.
  • Check your bulbs. Sometimes it is easy to keep overlooking that bulb or two in your ceiling fan lighting fixture that burned out weeks ago. But replacing burned-out bulbs can make all the difference when it comes to having ample lighting in a room. Take a moment and check your home for any bulbs that need replaced.

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