Is Your Home Ready for the Market?

OreillyTeam-CircleMasterFile6-Nov15After you make the decision to sell your home and put it on the real estate market, you are also making the decision to allow prospective buyers to tour your home during showings and open houses. This can be an overwhelming thought. Is your home ready for the market? Will it be appealing to buyers? To make sure your home is as best prepared as it can be, consider these steps:

De-clutter. The first step to preparing a home for the market is to address clutter. Whether you have lived in your current home for 40 years or for 5, you have likely accumulated clutter. Clutter takes many forms. For example, it could be old magazines or newspapers in stacks in the basement, kitchen counters crammed with many unused cooking tools and appliances, or closets that are overflowing with clothing and other items. Take time to reduce clutter in every area of your home. Buyers will want to see the space available, and will be distracted by too much clutter.

Putting your home on the market means it is time to tidy up! Even areas that you might overlook should be cleaned out and organized. Some areas in common spaces, such as the pantry, an under-the-sink cabinet, or a bedroom closet, are likely to be opened and looked at by a buyer who is eager to assess the available space. Do not distract them with clutter.

De-personalize. When buyers enter your home, you want them to envision living there with their family, hosting gatherings with their friends, and so on. If your home is filled with personal mementos, such as family photos, they will be potentially distracting to buyers. While your home is on the market, consider packing those items away with care until you can display them in your new home.

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