Ohio Real Estate Tips for Autumn

Real estate in the autumn months can be beneficial for buyers as most potential homeowners look to make their sale and move into their new homes before school starts. This means there is less competition, so buyers can buy a home for a really great deal. There are a few other things to consider when searching for a new property in the fall.

OreillyTeam-CircleMasterFile2-Nov15You’ll get the best attention.

Because there are less buyers, real estate sellers will have more opportunities to pay attention to you and your questions and concerns. The other service professionals you would be working with to buy and move into a new home, such as moving companies and mortgage lenders, are also less busy so they are more likely to respond faster.

You need to consider the change in weather.

Visiting homes in the autumn months, especially once snow starts to fly, can be uncomfortable to say the least! Dress for the weather when house-hunting so you know you can devote your attention to potential problems with the property and not your frozen fingers. The colder weather does have its advantages though. When it’s cold outside, you can tell whether it’s drafty inside the house or if the heating system seems faulty. Shorter days also means getting a good feel for how much natural light the house lets in, helping you save on lighting bills.

Decorating your new home became a lot less costly.

End-of-the-year sales are prevalent in the autumn months as the calendar year begins to wrap up. This means buying a home in autumn leads to decorating a home in autumn leads to finding some great deals for a variety of home decorations, appliances, and amenities.

Make sure you pay attention to the landscaping.

A lot of homeowners become lax on their yard upkeep in the autumn months. This can indicate two things for you: the property is actually a lot nicer than it appears which means you can get a good value on a house. The other is a bit less positive. An unkempt yard can indicate a seller’s attitude toward other behaviors. In other words, if the yard looks like it hasn’t been taken care of, what else inside the home has been neglected as well?


Buying a home no matter what time of the year it is has its challenges. Luckily, Dan O’Reilly at the O’Reilly Team can help you from going through the process alone.