Qualities to Seek In Your Auctioneer

Contrary to popular belief, all auctioneers are not the same—and they aren’t just energetic individuals who can talk very fast! When you are selling your home at an auction, your auctioneer will do much more than simply lead the actual home auction. In the weeks and months before auction day, he or she will be your primary point of contact, your central source of information, and your marketing director. That is why the decision of choosing your auctioneer should not be taken lightly. Make sure your auctioneer possesses the following qualities to serve you best:

  • Knowledgeable: Your auctioneer should have experience in the industry and a detailed knowledge of the real estate market in your area. A knowledgeable auctioneer will know how to best market the auction of your home to target and attract the highest number of interested buyers.

Home Auction Gavel

  • Accessible: You will likely have a lot of questions and concerns throughout the entire auction process. Your auctioneer should understand this and determine a realistic communications plan from the beginning. This will help you know how to best reach your auctioneer and when and how often you can expect to hear from him or her.
  • Motivated: The auction process is very involved, with a great deal of time and effort required from beginning to end. You will want to work with an auctioneer who is driven and motivated to sell your home and give you the best possible return on auction day. When an auctioneer is involved and hands-on, you know he or she will do his or her absolute best to make your home auction a success.
  • Honest: Selling your home at auction is a major decision. You will seek an auctioneer who displays the highest level of integrity, to not only earn your trust but also to earn the trust of interested buyers.
  • Sales ability: During the auction process, your auctioneer is essentially a salesperson for your home. His or her primary job is to market and sell your home to an interested, serious bidder.

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