Why Consider Selling At A Farm Equipment Auction?

The farming industry is constantly changing, with new techniques and advances in equipment. As the unique needs of your farm change, so will your equipment needs. If you need to sell your surplus or used equipment—from tractors to hose sprayers to hay balers—you may benefit from selling at an equipment auction. What are the advantages? Here are just a few:

  • An auction provides a competitive arena.  The attendees at a farm equipment auction are not simply browsing or “window shopping.” Rather, they are likely there with a specific piece of farm equipment in mind to purchase. Before the auction, your auctioneer will take multiple photos of each item and market them to potential buyers along with a detailed description. This lets a buyer browse online first and show up on auction day ready to purchase.
  • An equipment auction is cost effective.  The benefit to you, as a seller, is that the auction will have a designated time and place with a guaranteed crowd of interested buyers. That results in the most cost effective selling situation for you.
  • OreillyTeam-HomeAuctionCircle2-Jan15Auctions save you time and frustration.  As a farmer, time is extremely valuable. Rather than trying to sell each of your surplus or used items individually to non-committed buyers, which can be very time consuming, save your time and sell at an auction. Not only does it ensure committed buyers, but it will dramatically reduce the time you need to spend personally trying to sell your equipment.
  • Auctions usually result in higher selling prices.  Supply and demand, as well as interest among multiple buyers, will drive the selling price of your equipment. If you work with an experienced auction firm such as O’Reilly Team, the staff will employ their expertise to showcase your items to a targeted group of buyers most likely to be interested in your equipment.

Contact our team today to learn more about the process of a farm equipment auction. We look forward to working with you.