Why Sell Your Property through an Auction

Do you want to sell your home or property quickly, with as little hassle as possible for the best price?

Home Auction GavelIf you do, then it may be time to consider selling your property through an auction. Here are just a few reasons why auctions work to get your property sold quickly and for a great price:

  • Sales can be conducted quickly. While in a traditional real estate or personal property transaction, you have to wait for a buyer to put in an offer, an auction has a pre-selected time in which the sale will happen. Generally, auctions are held within ninety days of listing the property. As a homeowner, this gives you the comfort that you know how long the process will take.
  • Your home or property gets extra attention on the market. If you list your home in the traditional manner, your property may get lumped in with many other homes in the same price range and size. With an auction, your home will get special attention from buyers looking for what you have to offer. Instead of competing against the whole market, your home becomes something unique that is being offered.
  • You can get great prices. While many people believe that an auction is a place where any price goes, that is just not the case. Auction companies research comparable properties and help the sellers to determine the right sale price for their home. Once bidding has started, if people are committed to your home or property, the price may be driven even higher as individuals compete to win the bid.
  • Decrease costs during the selling process. Instead of having to worry about maintenance and taxes during the selling process, an auction can decrease those with shorter turnaround periods.
  • Quick closing. In most cases, you will be able to close in less than a month. This is due to the fact that auction items are sold “as-is.” No contingencies mean quick closings.

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