Why You Should Sell Your Home at a Real Estate Auction

Real estate auctions come with a lot of benefits for sellers — here’s why you should put your house up for auction today!

Home AuctionYou can pick the date when your home will sell (which saves you money!)

By knowing the date of your auction, you can not only budget your resources and time, but you can avoid high costs such as mortgage payments or home maintenance. The longer a house stays open on the market, the more its value depreciates, losing you money. Choosing to auction your home means you can make a sell at the point when your house has its highest value.

You know those showing interest in your home are actually interested.

The auctioning processing weeds through those who are less serious by requiring those to register with an auction company before they are able to bid on a property. This means that those who are bidding can actually provide the money for the sale and are serious investors in your property. What does this mean for the seller? They know that a sale will ultimately be settled, and they won’t end up back at square one again.

You can get the highest value for your property.

By placing their competition right in front of them, buyers can see how badly other buyers want the property, leading to a bidding war. There’s something about an auction environment that brings out the competitive market — leaving the seller with a great value.

If you have any other questions about the real estate auction process or how you can benefit as a seller, feel free to contact Dan O’Reilly at O’Reilly Auctions.