Your Checklist Before a Home Showing

OreillyTeam-CircleMasterFile6-Nov15Home showings or open houses are a routine part of the buying and selling process. Even when you are preparing to move, it can be nerve-wracking to open your home to prospective buyers. In those final hours before a home showing, you can become increasingly anxious about whether your home looks its best to appeal to those buyers who are on their way. Consider this checklist to help you stay on track.

  • Empty garbage. Before a home showing, empty all of the garbage cans into a garbage bag and remove the bag from your home. This ensures that prospective buyers will not be distracted by either the sight or smell of garbage while they are in your home.
  • Sweep the front porch. The first “room” the buyers will likely see is your front porch. Make sure it is swept clear of any leaves or debris, and shake out any mats or rugs. Turn on the porch light before guests arrive.
  • Make all beds. A well-made bed makes a room look clean and put together, while an unmade bed can make a room look messy. Before a home showing, make sure all beds are made.
  • Clean the bathrooms. Remember that buyers pay particular attention to bathrooms and will be looking closely at every detail. Anticipate that buyers will open drawers or look inside the shower. Wipe down all surfaces, including the bathtub or shower.
  • Put away any laundry. If you have piles of laundry in your laundry room or stacked in an area of your home, put it away before your home showing begins. Prospective buyers do not need to see your laundry, no matter if it is dirty or clean!
  • Take an empty laundry basket to grab clutter. This trick is particularly helpful for those final minutes before buyers are supposed to arrive. Walk through your entire home and use the basket to collect any items that are out of place or cluttering a space. You can then clean up quickly and remove the basket from the buyer’s site—perhaps putting it in your car—and then put away items later on, after the showing.
  • Turn on the lights! Right before the showing, turn on all the lights in your home. Buyers will appreciate a well-lit home, which will allow them to see each space clearly.

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