Who Is The Right Agent To Help Me Sell My Home?

Exterior shot of gray and white houseWhen you mention that you might be looking to sell your home in Northeast Ohio, you’ll be surprised by how many so called “real estate agents” you know.  There are many people who have taken up selling homes as a part time job and use it as a supplemental income in their home.  While it’s nice to have an agent that you can trust and you have a rapport with, it’s also important to work with someone who really knows the market and has experience in selling homes in your area.  There are some important factors to consider when choosing the right real estate agent, and here are some to think about:

Does this agent know the market in Northeast Ohio?

Real estate varies from market to market, and even city to city within a region.  There is a difference between marketing and selling a home in Mentor versus selling a farm property in Chardon for example.  Your agent must be savvy enough to know the customer base in the area well enough to make sure that the right people are viewing the right properties.

How long have they been in the real estate business?

There might be some fast learners in the real estate industry that can move properties as soon as they get their licensing, but those savants are few and far between.  The only way to truly understand the nuances of the real estate market in Northeast Ohio is to be a part of it for a long time.  Each market has its own pulse and traits that you can only learn over time.   You need an agent who has seen it all and knows how to adapt to the changes and shifts that occur in the real estate landscape.  Experience is key to understanding that forecast.

Check the resume

A good real estate agent will be licensed and credentialed.  A licensed real estate agent is bound by a code of ethics that is taken seriously and is adhered to vehemently. Don’t waste your time with an agent that doesn’t have the certification to back up his or her title.

Find a real estate that is an expert in what you are looking to achieve

Not every agent is experienced in selling homes at auction and other specialty situations.  Some agents are great for commercial properties, but not as successful in the residential market, or vice versa.  Talk with your agent to see if he or she has experience with clients in your area that have had sales expectations and scenarios similar to yours.  If he can point you to examples where he had success in your area, you might have found the right person.

, O’Reilly Team can help.  And when it’s time to move on to your next home, we’ll walk you through every step to make sure you are getting incredible value and tremendous service.  Contact O’Reilly Team today to let us know how we can help you get started.