Estate Auctions

O'Reilly Team Estate Auctions in Northeast Ohio

Sometimes the circumstances around a property sale require more than a traditional real estate auction.

Many sellers are interested in holding an estate auction, which not only includes the sale of the home and property but also the homeowners’ belongings. There are various reasons why a seller might be interested in an estate auction, but the option is commonly used by those needing to sell items following a death in the family or in preparation for moving to a new home and needing to down-size.

Content auctions, like the auction held at this Geauga County home, commonly include items such as:

  • Furniture and home décor items, ranging from lamps and mirrors to rugs and lighting fixtures
  • Collectibles like baseball cards, figurines, stamps or coins
  • Clothing, shoes, jewelry and other accessories
  • Custom artwork, including paintings or sculptures
  • Antiques and war memorabilia
  • Vehicles, including antique cars
  • Equipment, from landscaping tools to farming machinery


There are many benefits to holding an estate auction.

First, an auction will attract local, interested buyers in your area and the surrounding region who are willing to pay a higher price for your antiques, collectibles or household items (unlike someone shopping at a garage sale or tag sale). Second, your auctioneer will handle every step of the process. You will not need to worry about selling items over time; an auction will move things along much faster than any other means of liquidating an estate.

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