Land Auctions

O'Reilly Auctions Land Auctions and Farmland Auctions in Northeast Ohio

In the Geauga County area, there are many plots of farm land and undeveloped property that can make for lovely home sites as well as opportunities for developments or recreational use. While you could list your property with a traditional real estate agent, there is a better way. Consider taking advantage of a land auction to get your property sold. Here are just a few things to know about land auctions in Northeast Ohio:

  • Land auctions have a specific beginning, middle and end date. Unlike putting a piece of land on the traditional real estate market where it can sit for months or even years without being sold, Cleveland real estate auctioneers put an ending date on each transaction. Most auctions are held within about 30 to 45 days of the listing of the property at which time the auction will be held.
  • The process includes marketing of your property. Marketing your property is critical to the success of the land auction. Northeast Ohio auctioneers have teams that work on placing ads and marketing your land to potential buyers. These ads may be traditional or online and happen during the weeks before the auction occurs.
  • A land auction can be over in just minutes. Instead of going through protracted negotiations to get your land sold, an auction handles that in just minutes. The bidding starts and the highest bid wins!

Want to learn more about how a land auction can help you to get parcels sold quickly? For more information, contact the O’Reilly Auctions team today! We can help you to understand the auction process and if it will work for you.


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