Home Improvements that Add Real Value

Whether you are interested in putting your home on the market or you just want to give it the TLC that it needs, knowing which home improvements add real value can help you to make decisions on where to spend your money and your time.  Here are some of the top home improvements that add real value to your home:

  • New front door. This is one of the best ways to improve the value of your home.  A new front door adds instant curb appeal and is a welcoming way to bring people into your home.  Front doors can have raised panels, extra trim work, etched glass and even hardware that can take the look to the next level.  Side panels can give the door more dimension and can allow more light into the home’s entry.
  • OreillyTeam-CircleMasterFile3-Nov15Upgrade your kitchen. There are many ways to upgrade your kitchen without a full tear out.  One of the best ways to give your kitchen a new look is to paint or stain your existing cabinets.  Choosing a light color will expand the space and help it to look modern.  New hardware can provide details that will give your kitchen a finished look.  You can also add a new counter top while you are working on the cabinets.  Poured concrete, granite, quartz and marble are just a few of the options that will take it to the next level.
  • Take a hard look at your landscaping. During the warmer months, you can look carefully at your landscaping and think about the ways that it can be improved.  Removing and replacing dead shrubs and trees is the first step to improving your home’s look.  You can also have your existing shrubs and trees trimmed to ensure that they are away from windows and doors.   Proper maintenance, such as edging, cleaning the beds and adding mulch can really help your home to look its best.

Let the experts at the O’Reilly Team help you to figure out what improvements make the most sense for your home.  Call us today and let us work with you to get your home ready to be put on the market.